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Nokia 6050 D2

Nokia 6050 D2


  • Lock, unlock phone
  • Card’s or phone’s memory
  • Call timers
  • Keypad & display lights allways on or off after 15 seconds
  • Phone turns off with the car ignition feature
  • Display : 2 lines with 8 symbols
  • Signal strendth indicator
  • Weight : 710 g
  • Network : GSM 900
  • 8 Watt
  • Telephone book with 100 names
  • Size : 250 x 145 x 43 mm
  • Tones
  • 5 ringing volume levels
  • 2 ringing tones
  • 3 keypad tones
  • Warning tones on/off
  • Tones on/off

Call Features

Anykey answer
Radio muting feature
Manual or automatic network selection
Editable network list
Choose GSM network available in the area
Manual DTMF tones on/off, long/short
Mute, unmute the microphone
Last 10 numbers called
Divert incoming calls
View the most recently received, unanswered calls
External alert feature on/off
Display telephone number of the smart card

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