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Nokia N201

Nokia N201


  • English/Spanish/French Menus
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Permanent Battery Charge Indicator
  • Low Battery Tone And Message
  • Alpha Memory And Alpha Scroll
  • Dual Antenna System: 1/4 when extended; helix when retracted
  • Two Phone Number Capability
  • Memory Scan
  • Menu
  • Speed Dial
  • Own Number Display
  • Last Number Redial
  • Last Digit/All-Digit Clear
  • 50 Locations Alphanumeric Memory Stores Up To 32 Digits And 16 Letters
  • System Select (A/B/S/H)
  • Call Timers: Last Call And Resetable Cumulative
  • Electronic Lock Facility
  • Emergency Call Override
  • Earpiece Volume Control (5 Levels)
  • Keypad Tone Control (On/Off)
  • Ringer Volume Selection (High/Low/Silent)
  • Call In Absence Indicator
  • DTMF Send
  • Scratchpad Memory
  • Supertwist LCD Display


  • 275 g with Standard NiCd Battery (BTH-2LU)
  • 315 g with Extended Battery (BTH-2SU OR BTH-2HU)


  • 167.6 mm x 55.9 mm x 20.3 mm


  • 0.6 watts ERP


  • AMPS
Power Management Chart for Nokia N201
Slim NiCd Battery
380 mAh (BTH-2L)

Talk time: 45 min.
Standby time: 11 hr.
Extended NiCd Battery
800 mAh (BTH-2S)

Talk time: 95 min.
Standby time: 22 hr.
Ultra Extended NiMH Battery
1100 mAh (BTH-2HE)

Talk time: 130 min.
Standby time 30 hr.

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