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Nokia 2110i Wood

Nokia 2110i Wood


  • Large, illuminated LCD display
  • Signal, battery and status indicators
  • Three 10-character lines for text and numbers


  • Two multi-purpose selection keys
  • International access (+) function
  • Keyguard to prevent accidental dialling

Call Management

  • Various ways of speed dialling
  • Automatic call repeat
  • Any key answering
  • Full call divert possibilities
  • Display of number or name of incoming calls
  • Disable or enable display of your number in receiving phones
  • Display of number or name in connected calls
  • Advanced tone dialling (DTMF) features
  • Conference calling (1+5 persons)

Memory Functions

  • Phone memory: 125 names and numbers
  • Notepad memory: 10 numbers
  • 10 last number dialled
  • 10 last received calls
  • 10 last missed calls

Security and Cost Control

  • Emergency calls even without SIM card (network dependent)
  • Programmable security level and code
  • Various call barring possibilities
  • Checking of call charge
  • Setting of cost limit
  • Last and cumulative call duration and charge
  • Possibility to allow calls to pre-defined numbers only

Optional Controls

  • Texts in 12 selectable languages
  • Ringing options and volume
  • Choice of long or short menus
  • Countdown timer with alarm

GSM Data Transmission

  • Send and receive telefaxes, e-mail and files
  • Compatible with most of today’s portable computers via Nokia Cellular Data Card
  • Data transmission with automatic error correction

Battery Options

Mechanism type Standard, Heavy Duty,
Cell technology Nickel Metal Hydride,
Nickel Cadmium

Battery Performance

Stand by time up to Talk time up to Charging time
Standard, 400 mAh 20 h 1 h 50 min 40 min
Standard, 550 mAh 30 h 2 h 40 min 60 min
Vibra, 550 mAh 30 h 2 h 40 min 60 min
Heavy Duty, 1100 mAh 60 h 5 h 20 min 120 min
Heavy Duty, 1500 mAh 80 h 7 h 150 min


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