Nokia Ringo I

Nokia Ringo I

Full Specifications

  • Weight: 165 g (standard battery)
  • Dimensions: 122 x 47 x 28 mm, 124 cc
  • Multipurpose Nokia Navi™ Key
  • Save names and numbers of 60 people
  • 5 language options: English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Bahasa Malaysia
  • 20 selectable ringing tones
  • 5 ringing volumes, including silent
  • Alert with flashing lights
  • 5 levels for earpiece volume
  • Vibrating alert option
  • Memory for last 5 calls dialed, received and missed; missed call display
  • Keyguard (manual and automatic)
  • Any key answering, one-touch dialing
  • Automatic answer (with headset)
  • Duration counter for last call and all calls
  • Tone dialing (DTMF) features
  • Display number or name of incoming caller
  • Call waiting, holding, divert; conference calls
  • System selection
  • Operates in TACS/ETACS networks

Some features are network dependent.

Power Management

Battery Talk time Standby time Charging times
Ultra Slim Battery (BPS-1) Li-Polymer 600 mAh 1h -2h 40min 20 – 30h ACP-7: 2h 30min
ACP-8: 1h 30min
ACP-9: 1h 25min
Slim Battery (BLS-2N) Li-Ion 1050 mAh 2h – 4h 30min 35 – 55h ACP-7: 4h 30min
ACP-8: 2h 40min
ACP-9: 2h 15min
Standard Battery (BMS-2S) NiMH 900 mAh 1h 30min – 4h 30 – 45h ACP-7: 4h
ACP-8: 2h 30min
ACP-9: 1h 30min