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Nokia J-NM01

Nokia J-NM01

Main specifications

  • Size (closed) W49 x H94 x D25 mm 
  • Weight 100 g 
  • Talk time 120 min. 
  • Standby 300 hrs 
  • Charging time 80 min
  • Memory dial registration up to 500

Taking, looking at and sending pictures have never been smoother!

Built-in Camera 

With a built-in camera as standard equipment, showing your friend a favorite photograph or even the expression on your face is now easier than ever. And for taking photos of yourself, you have such convenient features as a mirror next to the camera lens and a self-timer function. You can also adjust image contrast and brightness, rotate the image 90 degrees, and apply a frame to the image, then transmit it as a long mail attachment. Moreover, using the personal album feature you can store and add comments to photos. A slide show feature is also included. And it’s even more fun if you send your photos to friends using NOKIA Pics.
View the status of the phone, even when it’s closed! Sub Display Status indicators, such as the battery level and the time are displayed on the sub display when the phone is in standby mode. When there is an incoming call, the display shows the caller’s name and telephone number. And when a message is received from J-Sky Station, a ticker-tape display shows the message. The My Call feature changes the backlight color to one of 5 colors, depending on who the caller is.
7-color sub display

256-color Display

Mail is easy to read and photos are beautiful. And you can select the type and size of display font used.
Your favorite melody 16-voice Polyphony The 16-voice polyphonic FM sound source has 128 preset sounds. In addition to the ring tone, the power on/off beep, warning beep and open/close sound can be set to play a melody. The sound source is compatible with downloadable karaoke data, as well.