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Nokia 30

Nokia 30

User Control Mode: User Control Mode enables simple applications to be controlled by mobile handsets with text messages. The control or monitoring is through general-purpose inputs and outputs of Nokia 30. Access is secured by user specified user name and password.

AT Command Mode: The Nokia 30 can also function as a GSM data modem using AT commands. It can be connected to a PC or a compatible device. Normal communication applications (e.g. e-mail, fax, WWW) can be used.

M2M System Mode: Offers effective and reliable methods for controlling the terminal and the application.Provides network transparent development and communication through a vendor, operating system and language independent architecture (CORBA).


  • Dual band EGSM 900/GSM1800 Wireless bearer selection (In M2M System mode)
  • GPRS multi-slot class 6 (3+1,2+2,2+1)
  • GPRS mobile station class B
  • CSD up to 14.4 kbps
  • HSCSD multi-slot class
  • class 6 (3+1,2+2,2+1), up to 43.2 kbps
  • Messaging services: SMS, USSD (MO, MT)
  • Supplementary services: GSM Phase 2/2+ supported
  • Audio services: Digital audio interface, Analog audios
  • Remote I/O control
  • Server controlled I/O (in M2M System mode)
  • User controlled I/O (in User Control Mode)
  • 3 digital/analog inputs, 5 digital outputs, 1 current output
  • Reliability & access control
  • GSM encryption, GSM security codes, AutoPIN, Gateway authentication, system monitoring

Interfaces and Connectors


  • DC connector for the Nokia ACW-5A power supply
  • M2M System Connector is 50-pin male connector for serial communication, RS-232, power input/output, digital/analog audio, fax, remote I/O control
  • RS-232 interface available on M2M system connector on 3V level. D9 female connector for standard level
  • RS-232 available with a data adapter (accessory). Supports AT commands (ITU-T V.25ter, ETS GSM07.07, ETS GSM 07.05)

User Interface

  • 3 light indicators (LEDs)


  • SIM-card reader supporting small-size SIM cards (3V)


  • Internal antenna, use of external antenna supported


  • Power supply (ACW-5A)
  • Voltage 13.5 V
  • DC 750 mA
  • Operating range between 90 – 264 Vac
  • Frequency range 47 – 63 Hz
  • Weight 70 g + cables
  • Volume 100 cm³

Data Package

  • Data adapter RS-232 and data cable RS-232 with D9 connectors, AT-command list document and modem driver software
  • Nokia 30 Configurator
  • A software for advanced installation and configuration of the different settings of the Nokia 30
  • Antenna Adapter (XRM-1)
  • An adapter cable that is used between the Nokia 30 and standard FME connector of an external antenna

Technical Details

  • Size 84 x 53 x 26 mm
  • Weight 65 g
  • Volume 116 cm³
  • Environmental temperature -10…+55 °C
  • Storage temperature -40…+85 °C
  • Humidity range,operation 20…75 %
  • Humidity range,storage 5…95 %
  • SIM-card Small
  • RF power (max.) 2W (900 MHz), 1W (1800 MHz)
  • Power consumption 150 mW (stand-by)
  • Input voltage DC plug
  • Absolute min 6.2 V
  • Absolute max 14.0 V
  • Input voltage M2MSCAbsolute min 4.75 V
  • Absolute max 15.0 V