Nokia 6340

Nokia 6340



  • Voice dialing and voice commands for situations where using hands is not convenient nor safe.
  • Phonebook works as a contact manager, you can save multiple numbers, addresses and note for each name.
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced design with internal antenna.
  • High resolution, illuminated graphical display.
  • Voice Recorder (Max. 3 min.).
  • Personal and ascending ringing tones.
  • Four games (Snake II, Pairs II and Bumber), stand alone / point to point over Infrared.


  • SMS features –Predictive text input, picture messages, templates for easy writing of messages and option to send same message to several recipients. Possibility to send emails over SMS.
  • WAP – Infrared applications.
  • PC Suite for local synchronization and for backing up/restoring phone data.

Tech specs

  • GSM 1900 MHz, TDMA 800 / 1900 MHz and AMPS 800MHz.
  • Weight: 125 g.
  • Length: 129 mm.
  • Width: 46 mm.
  • Thickness: 18.6 mm (min.) – 23.6 mm (max).
  • Volume: 110 cc.


Model Capacity Digital stand-by Digital conversation
BLB-3 1000 mAh Li-Ion 4h – 6h 14 d – 25 d