Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110

Key features

  • Talking alarm and clock in your language. Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali
  • Built-in handsfree
  • Icon-based phonebook with simplified menu navigation
  • 20-chord polyphonic ringing tones with MP3-grade sound
  • New inverted black and white display
  • Graphical demo mode for phone features both with and without SIM card
  • Analog clock display
  • Call management (timers, counters)
  • Internal antenna
  • Changeable Xpress-on™ color covers
  • Picture messaging to send a picture greeting
  • Three built-in games
  • 4-way scroll key
  • Easy deletion of multiple messages
  • Undo item in SMS editor


  • Weight: 80 g
  • Dimensions: 103.8 x 43.8 x 17 mm, 69 cc

Operating frequency

  • Dual-band GSM coverage (GSM 900/1800)

Display and User Interface (UI)

  • New inverted black and white display
  • Reversed monochrome, 96 x 68 pixels
  • Simplified menu and navigation with 4-way keys make making phone calls easier
  • Graphical demo mode of basic features, accessible also without SIM card – efficient for self-study
  • Icon menu – less dependent on text, makes the call more easily
  • Large contact storage – up to 200 entries in built-in phonebook with up to another 250 stored in the SIM card (SIM card dependent)


  • SMS and picture messaging
  • Concatenated SMS for long text messages
  • Over the air ringing tones and logos (over SMS)
  • Support up to 60 SMS on SIM card (SIM card dependent)
  • Speed dialing for SMS sending
  • Large SMS storage on phone – up to 60 SMS
  • Multiple SMS deletion
  • Undo item in SMS editor – to avoid accidental deletions, improving the SMS use efficiency


  • Snake Xenzia, Dice Games, Pocket Carrom

Language support

Asia Pacific:

  • Menu and predictive text input in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Filipino(Tagalog), Vietnamese

Voice features

  • Integrated handsfree
  • Talking clock and alarm
  • Polyphonic ringing tones with MP3 grade sound

Time management

  • Alarm clock
  • Analog/digital clock – make your own choice as your prefer
  • Reminders

Phone features

  • Handy size – easy to carry
  • Changeable Xpress-on™ color covers – refresh the look of your phone
  • Large keys – easier on the eyes
  • Built-in handsfree speaker useful for handsfree operation or teleconference
  • 20-chord polyphonic ringing tones with MP3-grade sound for you to distinguish your phone in the crowd
  • Stopwatch
  • Composer
  • Number screening for messaging and call

Sales package contents

  • Nokia 1110 phone
  • Nokia Battery BL-5CA
  • Quick Guide and User Guide
  • Nokia Standard Charger ACP-7/Travel Charger ACP-12 (varies by region)

Power management

Battery Capacity Talk time Standby time
BL-5CA 700 mAh Up to 3 hrs 10 mins – 5 hrs 20 mins Up to 245 hrs – 380 hrs