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Nokia 2110

Network: GSM900 Display Large, illuminated LCD display Signal, battery and status indicators Three 10-character lines for text and numbers Keypad Two multi-purpose selection keys International access (+) function Keyguard to prevent accidental dialling Call Management Various ways of speed dialling Automatic call repeat Any key answering Full call divert possibilities Display of number or nameContinue reading “Nokia 2110”

Nokia 150

Specifications Service: NMT450 Dimensions: 177mm x 58mm x 36mm Weight 480g Price in 1996 – Net 1,850.0 PLN (PLN 2,257.0 Gross) Batteries: BTH-4, 1000 mAh, NiMH, 7.2V; DS-FA12H, 1200mAh NiMH battery, 7.2V; BBH-6S, 800mAh NiCd, 7.2 V Waiting time: 20 hours – talk time of 50 minutes (except for standard 800mAh NiCD) Accessories Charger: QuickContinue reading “Nokia 150”

Nokia 105

Specifications 3 One-Touch Dialing Keys English/French/Spanish Menus Available Permanent Signal Strength Indicator Permanent Battery Charge Indicator Classic Nokia Display And Look Large Supertwist LCD Display Low Battery Tone And Message Freestanding Design Dual Antenna System: 1/4 wave when extended; helix when retracted 15 Number Numeric Memory Stores Up To 32 Digits System Select (A/B/S/H) Call Timers: LastContinue reading “Nokia 105”