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Nokia 909

  SPECIFICATIONS Your hand is more sensitive than any scale Pick up the Nokia 909 and hold it. You don’t need to know it weighs 193 grams to know it feels good in your hand. Now make a call. The indicators on the big display tell you that you have a good field signal andContinue reading “Nokia 909”

Nokia FM 210

 SPECIFICATIONS Frequency 66-74MHz Dimensions: 85mm x 60mm x 22mm (without clip) Weight: 148g (without clip) Memory Capacity: max.60 information, 2880 characters Display Matrix: 4 x 20 LCD with 5 additional symbols and illumination Indication: – Sound – Tone – Sound – minibeeper – Quiet – backlight – Vibration – Combination of the above DPSK modulationContinue reading “Nokia FM 210”

Nokia 880

The Nokia 880 GSM phone is the result of advanced research and product development work. It is one of the smallest and lightest cellular phones in the market, yet designed to endure years and years of rugged use. Its casing can withstand impacts and falls, and its compact and practical fixed antenna is durable andContinue reading “Nokia 880”

Nokia 350

Launching description The Nokia 350 is one of the smallest and lightest NMT 450 phone available today. At only 265 grams, the Nokia 350 is loaded with features that make it one of the most versatile portable phone for professional users in the NMT 450i network. It’s shape follows Nokia’s famous soft design lines andContinue reading “Nokia 350”