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Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Key features A one-of-a-kind phone back cover as designed by avante-garde artiste Frédérique Daubal. An exclusive sparkling sapphire crystal as the central navi-key. Comes with ultra-trendy and fashionable accessories that include a pouch, bandana. Breathtaking, vibrant and vivid colors with a high-tech OLED screen. 49-color mats to choose from for a customized keymat and aContinue reading “Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism”

Nokia 2600 classic

Key features Capture images and videos in dazzling colour with the digital VGA camera and video recorder Personalise your phone with MP3, ringtones and user-created ringtones Enjoy music and news on the move with the FM radio Monitor call times with Pre-paid Tracker Share your photos and video clips with friends and family using BluetoothContinue reading “Nokia 2600 classic”

Nokia 1209

Key features Access phone features quickly and conveniently with One Touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, loudspeaker, and flashlight View wallpapers, screensavers, games, and phone menus on the vibrant color display screen which supports up to 65,536 colors Personalize your phone with MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones Extend your talk time. Use theContinue reading “Nokia 1209”