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Hello there!

I built this website in 2012, when I joined Nokia Corporation as a summer trainee…

Attending a Nokia conference at my university landed me the great opportunity for an internship at Nokia Headquarters in Espoo. While there, I had an amazing work & life experience , so I felt motivated to leave something behind

I wanted to build the first brick & mortar Nokia Museum in the world! For months, I have dreamed about designing and building a showroom facility to display the entire time-lapse of Nokia phones and culminating with a Nokia – Hall Of Fame section (3310, 8210, 8800, E50, N95, etc ).

The idea never materialized, because Stephen Elop (CEO) has not approved the business plan. I built, so management can understand what a huge product portfolio the company has, and displayed these as a time-lapse product catalog!

During years I received thousands of emails from people asking if they could visit the museum! Also I am still receiving emails from people wanting to donate phones or searching more info about their old Nokia phones!

You are still welcome to write me if I can help you somehow!

alin.labau [at]